[6 – 12 July, 2020]

This project began as a reaction to the protests that are happening around the World, in support of Black lives and people of colour. This entire event has been organised online, which has brought together people of all ethnicities, from all over the World, using their art as a means to voice support to those who need it.

This exhibition is a platform for people to share their thoughts, feelings, and fears, on hate, exclusion and everyday racism. But it is also a celebration of Black people, Black culture and a show of support and solidarity.

I hope you’ll find this fine collection of visual arts entertaining and thought-provoking, and that you donate generously for the efforts of all the contributing artists and curators:


All money raised will be sent to support Black lives at the end of the exhibition.
There is more information on the organisations we are supporting in the Further Information section.

Thank you again, enjoy our show

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