Adam Bramasta Gunawan

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia on August 27, 1999. Has over 5 years experience studied in Multimedia Arts & Design, currently focusing on Digital Vector Art & Design.


fortyfive (also known as 45 Arts) is a brand that built on 1 November, 2016 by Adam Bramasta. At the first, this was solely to promote the style of his Pop Art style, which was known as WPAP (Wedha’s Pop Art’s Portait).

The name of the brand were based by the unit of angle measurement, degree (45° which equals 1/8 size of 1 full-circle). The standard measurement unit of most of the Creator’s Artworks.


Persepsi is a sub-brand of 45 Arts that built on 1 January, 2020. While 45 Arts works mostly on visual, Persepsi put the visual works of 45 Arts into the Product and Merchandise.

Besides of Products, Persepsi also deliver the vague design message that sometimes may lead into sarcastic message, in purpose to let the viewer assume it by their own interpretation.

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